Bank of Palestine inaugurates the BoP WhatsApp channel to formally communicate with its customers
Stemming from its efforts to promote its presence on social media platforms and increase communication with all sectors in society, Bank of Palestine launched its formal WhatsApp channel to communicate with its customers. 
The bank obtained all the necessary formal licenses to launch its channel through one of the most famous social media platforms, WhatsApp, with an aim to communicate with its customers and provide them all information pertaining to new offers, campaigns and programs, including BoP news. The channel is a fast service that is provided around the clock, and available to all customers and citizens in Palestine and around the world who wish to communicate with the bank and learn about the latest news. 
Mr. Rushdi Ghalayini, the General Director of Bank of Palestine, stated that “this is a major step that forms part of the bank’s strategy to expand digitally, and ensures the credibility granted to bank accounts on the various social media platforms.” Ghalayini expressed his pride in all the efforts conducted by the bank to facilitate the access of its customers to various services. He also commended the quality of communication and interaction provided by the bank to respond to customer’s inquiries and become familiar with the nature of problems they are confronted with. 
Mr. Thaer Hamayel, the Corporate Director at Bank of Palestine, ensured the formal approval obtained by the bank to use the WhatsApp channel, considering it “a good step to reach a wider range of customers and non-customers who will use this application to inquire about products and services offered by the bank.” Hamayel is currently following up on all BoP social media platforms. 
Hamayel added that the bank designated the number 0090593666666 to enable customers to directly communicate with the bank. He also pointed out that the application will not provide services related to banking operations, such as balance inquiry or requesting a mini account statement or inquiring about bank transactions, points, etc. 
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