Bank of Palestine launches an urgent humanitarian relief campaign for Gaza





Hashim Shawa, Chairman and General Manager of Bank of Palestine, announced the launching of a humanitarian relief campaign for Gaza with donations from the bank, its clients, shareholders, investors and Diaspora clients. The donations are expected to reach $1million, with $100,000 donated from the bank, to buy medical supplies for Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza.

This contribution is part of BoP’s CSR and humanitarian commitment to Palestinians everywhere. With the recent attacks on Gaza, BoP launched the campaign immediately after assessing the most urgent of the Gaza Strip and finding a shortage in medical supplies in Al Shifa Hospital, the Strip’s main hospital. For every transaction made by BoP’s clients, $1 will be donated to the campaign. The bank also stood by and supported its employees in the Gaza Strip with a reward of $200 during the war.

Shawa further stated that BoP doubled its contribution to “Mustaqbali”/”My Future” program, which is run by the Welfare Association, to reach $190,000 this year alone. The program is designed to improve the lives of children who were orphaned during the 2008/2009 war on Gaza. Earlier this year, BoP signed an agreement with CHF International to rehabilitate 40 houses that were damaged during the 2008/2009 war on Gaza.



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