Bank of Palestine has the utmost confidence in Palestinian women entrepreneurs, and in her ambitions and success, we also recognize her contributions to the many aspects of our and her life. At the Bank, we have designed and developed a special loan program, with special and competitive features, “Felestineya Collateral Free Loan”. Through this program the entrepreneur can obtain the required financing without the hassle of providing collateral.

The program provides financing solution to women entrepreneurs in amounts starting from 1,000 USD to 20,000 USD, or its equivalent in Jordanian Dinars or Israeli Shekel.

Product Benefits:

  1. The product is designed to provide financing without collateral, trusting you is our guarantee
  2. Swift loan processing time and much less paperwork required
  3. The loan can be disbursed in three currencies; USD, NIS, and JOD
  4. A grace period up to three months
  5. she can enjoy our free electronic services
  6. she can also benefit from our non-financial and consulting services, and participate in training workshops the bank provides throughout the year.

Product Features:



Maximum Loan Amount

20,000 USD or equivalent in NIS or JOD

Minimum Loan Amount

1,000 USD or equivalent in NIS or JOD

Financing Rate

Up to 80% of the project (in the case of a preliminary bill, 80% is financed)

Loan Term

up to 36 Months

Grace Period

up to three Months


Non Required


Terms of the program:

  1. Business women owners of small or medium enterprises with ownership percentage of at least 51% (whether owned by a single woman or a group of women)
  2. The enterprise should be at least 2 years old.
  3. The women entrepreneur should be 25-60 years old
  4. The annual sales turnover should not exceed 7 million USD
  5. The number of staff, or employees should not exceed 25
  6. To be registered at the Chamber of commerce in her governorate

Required documents

  1. New corporate account opening documents
  2. A photocopy of the personal identification document


Companies registered in the Ministry of Economy

  1. Memorandum of Association / a valid registration and amendments, if any
  2. The company’s Internal rules of procedures, showing that the company is allowed to use external financing
  3. Related licenses according to the bank’s policy
  4. Statement of Account for the last 6 months, if the applicant is not a Bank of Palestine client
  5. Clearance certificate from the Tax department
  6. financial statements for the last two years, if any, or for the duration of the project
  7. the Company CV
  8. A copy of the pro-forma invoice date not earlier than the month


Unregistered companies in the Ministry of Economy

  1. Crafts and Profession License (Excluded for Micro-Enterprises)
  2. Chamber of Commerce registration certificate
  3. Rent Agreement