Definitions: The following terms should have the following meanings unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.


The Bank:

Bank of Palestine PLC – and any of its branches

The Service:

Online services implemented through Online and Mobile Banking, and include, but not limited to the following:


  • Display accounts
  • Internal transfers between accounts in the same currency or other currencies.
  • Transfer to other accounts within or outside the bank.
  • Display bank information
  • Display/Compare currency exchanges
  • Currency exchange costs versus local currency
  • Pay bills
  • Cards settlements
  • Request/cancel cheque book
  • Salaries and multiple payments
  • Corporate accounts management
  • Change password



The User/Customer:

Companies, micro, small and medium size enterprise”all business accounts”


Authorized Signatory:

A person who is authorized to sign on behalf of a joint bank account (for companies) or through a power of attorney, based on the bank’s official instructions.



Subscribe, change, temporarily terminate, reactivate or cancel a service through a relevant written request presented to the bank.



Any activity implemented by the user pertaining to the service, including the subscription, indicates the user’s approval on the terms of service provided by the bank, whether through online or mobile banking, and the user pledges to maintain the confidentiality of all data, information and reports.



Based on the provisions pertaining to online and mobile banking, the user shall understand his/her responsibilities and obligations as a result of using this service and exempt the bank from any obligations arising therefrom.


  1. The user shall receive instructions on operating the service and shall comply with following these instructions carefully.
  2. The user shall be liable for all damage, loss, costs or expenses incurred as a result of using the service or any violation of these terms and conditions, and shall be liable for errors resulting from negligence of misuse of this service.
  3. The user shall be completely liable for all accesses to the service or the execution of any financial transaction through the service using his/her username and password, as the bank considers all transactions on the account executed by the user himself/herself.
  4. The bank shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages (in whole or in part) resulting from the following:
  1. Failure and/or delay in connecting the online banking or mobile banking service for any reason, taking into consideration that the bank provided all the possible protection, safety and coding measures to protect the electronic service provided. 
  2. Incorrect use of the service by the user or any other party.
  3. Suspension or interruption of the service for any reason and at any time.
  4. Any transfers executed from the user’s account to others through the service.
  5. Delay in executing a transaction for reasons beyond the bank’s control regardless of their source.
  6. Criminal acts that include fraud, forgery or hacking and the illegal access to networks, the use of the password by hackers or loss of password or other relevant acts.
  7. Exposure to internet risks.
  8. The customer’s use of additional software that might expose the safety and effectiveness of the service to risks.
  9. Any other issues assessed by the bank.


  1. The bank shall have the right to accept or reject or block the service from the user at any time without stating the reasons and without being held liable. The bank shall notify the user accordingly.
  2. The customer shall change his/her password following the first access to the service and shall comply with protecting the password and practicing due diligence and caution.
  3. The user shall understand that the transactions executed through the online and mobile banking service are automated and in real time in accordance with the program systems used.
  4. In the instance the user requests one or more cheque books using the service. If the bank approves  it, the latter shall be received from the designated bank branch, and the bank shall deduct the service fees for issuing the cheque(s).
  5. The user understands that the transfer is executed automatically and immediately in accordance with the service programming systems, and the transfer is made between the customer’s accounts or between accounts at Bank of Palestine branches, and the amount transferred shall be deducted from his/her account.
  6. The user agrees that the bank will not conduct any payment when there are insufficient funds in the account or when the transfer amount exceeds the daily transfer limit, in accordance with bank regulations and the instructions of the Palestinian Monetary Authority.
  7. The user shall permit the bank to deduct any service charges or fees for every cash transaction or payment order, whether the transfer is made to the customer’s own account or to the account of others, or any fees for the issuance of a chequebook. The bank shall also be permitted to deduct any other costs related to or resulting from the transaction, and the user shall be liable for all financial obligations incurred on his/her account for using direct banking services, and shall take responsibility for any error resulting from any transaction conducted by the user through the service.
  8. The user testifies that the information that he/she provided in writing is correct, and shall have the right and authority to disclose it, and shall be hold complete responsibility for the correctness and accuracy of this information, and be responsible for any damages resulting from violating this clause. The bank’s role is to check and verify the information provided and process the user’s request without being held liable.
  9. The user acknowledges that the data and documents retrieved from the computer and technological platforms, including electronic records, both originals and copies, are correct and legally binding, and shall have the right to contest them in a court of law and request to reveal bankbooks and account audits. The user also acknowledges the bank’s right to provide all proofs for electronic transactions related to the service.
  10. The user acknowledges all instructional information provided by the bank regarding the service are for guiding purposes only, and not legally binding for the bank, and the bank shall be exempted from all liabilities in the instance of irregularity or suspension of the service or if an error occurs in the data retrieved.
  11. In case the user suspects that a third party is tampering with his/her accounts through the service, or he/she doubts that his/her username and password are compromised by some third party, the user must inform the bank immediately, and confirm in writing as soon as possible. The user shall be liable for all amounts incurred due to the use of the username and password until the bank receives the written notification.
  12. The service will be suspended temporarily in case the password is entered incorrectly six consecutive times upon access to the service or execution of a transfer. The user shall refer to his/her bank branch to reactivate the service or follow other procedures instructed by the bank.
  13. The user acknowledges that he/she is aware of the risks incurred while using the service to transfer funds from his/her account to others and the transfer limits, and that the transfer is only executed when the password is provided. The user acknowledges that any transfer executed through the service is correct and that it is executed immediately.
  14. The user acknowledges that he/she is solely responsible for any transfer made to the accounts of others and any obligations incurred as a result of subscribing to the service and using it. The user shall be solely responsible for all actions taken using the service and shall waive his/her right to demand the bank for any amounts transferred using the services, as well as waive his/her right to object to any transaction executed.
  15. The user acknowledges that his/her mobile number guarantees his/her personal login transaction, and the official means for sending the password once, taking into consideration that Bank of Palestine only allows users to update or change their mobile number through the branch, and prohibits updating the number through other channels.
  16. The user’s use of this service and the bank’s online banking network and all other channels shall be subject to the relevant terms and conditions.
  17. The user is aware of and acknowledges that his/her account(s) at the bank are subject to the recognized bank regulations, principles and norms, and this service, its conditions or regulations shall not be considered an amendment or replacement or cancellation of this norms.
  18. The user acknowledges that he/she does not own any intellectual property rights over any programs, screens or documents provided by the bank through this service, and third parties shall be prohibited from practicing the following:
  • Copy or amend any of these programs or screens provided by the bank.
  • Downloading or transferring electronic banking service program from one computer to another.
  1. The bank shall have the right, at any time, to change or amend the terms and conditions of this service, without stating the reasons, and the user shall be notified accordingly. By using the service after it undergoes changes or amendments, the user acknowledges to agreeing to these changes or amendments.
  2. These Terms and Conditions shall be subject to and interpreted in accordance with the laws currently in force in Palestine, and the designated courts in Ramallah shall have jurisdiction over any dispute that may arise between the bank and the customer in regards to the interpretation or implementation of these Terms and Conditions. The bank and the customer hereby waive their rights to exchange notarial notices.  
  3. By signing, the user agrees to reading, reviewing and accepting these Terms and Conditions.