This Program aims to develop new and existing SMEs and to support productive projects in Palestine, which have a significant impact in alleviating unemployment, employing the labor force, and contributing to economic growth and development. 

Features of SMEs Program 

  1. offer all types of credit facilities to SMEs such as merchants, factories, hotels, commercial centers, workshops of various types, restaurants, shops, supermarkets and women’s ventures such as beauty salons, agriculture projects, handicrafts and others.
  2. Finance the working capital (goods, raw materials) and fixed assets (machinery, equipment, commercial transportation and production lines).
  3. Finance up to a maximum of 85% of the price of the goods or fixed asset of the new venture. 
  4. Guarantees and conditions requested are feasible.
  5. Speed ​​of response in regard to the approval of the loan.
  6. Distinctive interest rates.
  7. Suitable grace period depending on the nature of the business.



Banking Services Provided to Enterprises and Companies of all Sizes

These are programs and banking services from which SME owners can benefit and they include the following: 

  • Microfinance Bank of palestine provides microfinance to existing entrepreneurs to finance the working capital and the purchase of fixed assets within gradual stages whereby the value of the loan and the repayment period rise and the interest rate drops.The bank also provide consumable loans and housing improvement loans to entrepreneurs based on their ability to repay the installments from the cash flows of their ventures.
  • Small Enterprise Financing Program The Program aims to develop the existing small enterprises and to establish new ones to help support productive projects and small enterprises in Palestine. There is also the possibility of financing the working capital (goods, raw materials) and fixed assets (machinery, plants, commercial transportation, production lines).
  • Productive Loans Program Loans are offered to help improve the production capacity level of the factories, companies, workshops and to establish new enterprises.
  • Overdraft / Commercial This is one form of direct credit facilities given to the BOP customers to cover the business cycle and the working capital and to confront any contingent liabilities they may face. This form of credit facility is given for one year and is renewed annually in new contracts and procedures.
  • Green Loans These are feasible loans granted for the establishment of environment friendly projects such as wells, solar power , wastewater desalination and others.
  • Auto Loans These loans are given to finance the purchase of private and commercial cars from automotive agents with feasible conditions. 

Successful Projects BOP has contributed to 

Aya Mlitat, Sheep Farm Owner 

The Bank has helped me in setting up a sheep farm project, which began to grow gradually. The loan given to me was the main cause of realizing my dream and opening new horizons for my project.  The Bank's interest in youth encouraged me to deal with it a lot to.

Aysa Gharabeh, Fuel Production from Used Oils Project
BOP has played an important role in helping me to buy a unique production line in Palestine for the manufacturing of automotive fuel from used oils used in restaurants, cars and others. The arrival of the Bank to the region where I work and its strong faith and belief in ​​my project and its feasibility, encouraged me to deal with it. I have strong appreciation and respect for the BOP.

Rayyes Murad Al-Hassi, Fishing is difficult under the Occupation but Easy with BOP
We managed through fishermen loans from BOP to overcome the problem of narrowing the maritime area to only three miles by the Israeli occupation. The Bank financed the purchase of advanced night fishing equipment to collect fish and to achieve abundant catch.  This reflects the diversity of the Bank’s products and its contribution to solving our problems and overcome our difficulties.

Marwa Wahdan, Beauty Salon and Shop Accessories 

My ambition was to open a large and modern beauty salon center. BOP supported my project and believed in it from the beginning. It provided me with proper training in running the business and with payment facilities. For these reasons my motivattion to deal with BOP and to benefit from its services has grown.

Tareq Saadeh, Paper Pal for Paper Industries 
BOP financed my project. It provided me with support and proper advice. The Bank's interest in the project and its belief in the project’s feasibility had a significant impact on its success and growth.  I appreciate the Bank’s support for national projects and the development of Palestinian economy.  I say to the Bank, “You are now our real partner in our success. You are our greatest Bank.”