Our Strategy

Bank of Palestine has reformulated its strategy recently around the core subject of Investment in Digital Innovation. While the bank continued to lend SMEs and women via its flagship financial inclusion women program it has focused on the enhancement of core operations intended to create efficiency, better customer experience and improved services. A Centralized Operations department has enabled the bank to create back-office functions in a central location and as such allowed a re-engineering of transactions and processes utilizing electronic tools to focus on customer-centric and digital functions. As such Bank of Palestine continues to maintain its leadership position as the leading banking entity in Palestine focusing on implementing its strategic direction of Investing in Digital Innovation to be at the cutting edge of technology advanced banks at par with global technological developments in the sector. As part of this strategic drive, the bank implemented a segmentation strategy to go along with this focus on customer experience by allocating customer care to corporate, SMEs and retail clients. In parallel to the implementation of centralization and segmentation, the bank continued its investment enhancing the customer experience of the bank’s digital products and channels. Banke 2 was enhanced with the ability for corporate clients to use the application in addition to focusing on more digital marketing channels of bank products in cooperation with the Bank’s Fintech Company Palpay.

Major Shareholders

  • Muhallab Kuwait Real Estate Company (7.86 %)