Card Features

Several discounts and offers Visa Luxury Hotels

International travel medical assistance and support.

Travel insurance for several destinations, whereby cardholders and their families

  • Free and unlimited access to over 1000 airport lounges worldwide using the Lounge Key program, accompanied with one guest at a time, including two free visits to airport lounges prior to fulfilling the terms and conditions٫ For more information
  • Several offers and discounts on airport meals in more than 200 restaurants part of the Visa Dine and Travel application.
  • YQ Meet and Assist services at international airports.
  • The Concierge Digital Services. For more information, visit
  • The global Concierge Services offers a wide variety of services over the phone and around the clock, from airplane tickets to hotel reservations, restaurant reservations, car rental, tickets for events and festivals, travel planning, etc.
  • Special discounts and offers while staying at the Jumeirah Hotels and Spas.
  • Discounts at over 100 IHG hotels and spas around the world.
  • Agoda special offers and discounts.
  • Obtain offers from AVIS Budget car rental group.
  • Purchase Protection: The Purchase Protection service offers you more comfort with every purchase, as it protects you from theft or damage that may occur to your purchases.
  • Extended Warranty: the extended warranty doubles the maintenance period included in the manufacturer's warranty up to a full year, and protects you from the costs of maintaining and replacing the products you buy.
  • Visa Infinite cardholders can safely travel around the world while obtaining Visa Infinite guarantees. For more information, please access
  • For more information regarding the benefits Card through Chatbot Visa or contact WhatsApp +4420313990
  • For more information about card features please visit
  • All cards are subject to the bank's terms and conditions.

Lounge Key

- Visa Infinite cardholders can view more details by registering on the Key Lounge app through the link, This platform empowers you to effortlessly discover the following information: 

  • Program details and visit logs for cardholders. 

  • Updated information related to waiting lounges and the key lounge service. 

  • Available Lounges for Visa Infinite cardholders. 

  • The number of lounges that have been used. 

  • Discounts at airport restaurants. 

  *The list of airport lounges is subject to change and not fixed, terms and conditions apply. 

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

These are cards granted to distinguished bank customers as a direct facility within a specific limit. They are utilized for purchasing from stores and shops within Palestine and worldwide, at over 40 million commercial establishments, without commissions on purchases. Additionally, they offer the convenience of cash withdrawals from ATMs spread across the globe. Our clients can experience shopping and traveling with a wide range of services and privileges that exceed expectations 

  • The customer must inform the bank of their travel plans via the call center to ensure the card's validity and functionality.
  • Ensure the primary currency of the card.
  • Ensure that the destination country is not on the blacklist of Bank of Palestine.
  • If the destination country is blacklisted, the customer must visit the nearest branch before traveling. The card can be activated for use in the destination country at the customer's risk, and a new card will be issued upon return.

It is a procedure to protect online purchases through your bank cards issued by Bank of Palestine. When entering your card details for purchase, you will be redirected to a page.

  • Your Visa Infinite card enables you to access the best rates and book hotels worldwide using your card on the website 
  • On this site, you will find numerous exclusive offers, discounts, and deals when booking hotels: 
  • Best Rate Guarantee 
  • Automatic room upgrade upon arrival 
  • Complimentary in-room Wi-Fi 
  • Complimentary continental breakfast 
  • $25 food and beverage credit 
  • VIP guest status. 
  • Ability to check out of the hotel at 3:00 PM 

Holders of a Visa Infinite card enjoy free and unlimited access to more than 1000 airport VIP lounges, with the following conditions: 

  • Cardholders and one guest are entitled to an unlimited number of visits to airport VIP lounges.
  • To be eligible for unlimited lounge visits, the cardholder must use the card for purchases outside of Palestine through point-of-sale PoS terminals or online for at least one transaction with a value of $1 or more within one year. 
  • Cardholders and one guest receive the first two visits free of charge.
  • The condition is considered valid 10 days after the date of purchase 
  • If the customer brings more than one guest, fails to wait for 10 days from the date of purchase, or enters a lounge not covered by Visa, an entry fee of $32 per visit will be charged 
  • All customers must register on the Lounge Key app through the following link: 


You can explore the offers and discounts available for your benefit by visiting the website 


  • Purchase from stores and shops in Palestine and around the world at over 40 million commercial establishments without any commissions. 
  • Effortlessly and securely shop online using the Triple Field Protection feature 
  • Withdraw cash from ATMs spread around the world 
  • Exceptional offers, rewards, discounts, and services provided by Visa 
  • Card features: Airport lounge access, Meet and Assist service (YQ), Luxury hotel collection, Personal Assistant service, Digital Concierge service, and travel insurance 

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