Earn miles with every local and international purchase on your card.

Extremely secure card

Use your card to shop online and in stores locally and internationally.

  • Payment of 2.5% to those who do not wish to pay the full card
  • Use your card to make cash withdrawals from ATM networks.
  • Grace period up to 45 days
  • Quick and easy card issuance.


Free entrance to over 10 VIP airport lounges in the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait and Egypt.

  • The client must address the bank through the contact center, so as to inform them of the travel and make sure that the card is valid and works well ·
  • To ensure that the intended State is not on the Bank of Palestine's blacklist, for more information: Communication with Information Centre ·
  • Check card balance ·
  • Mileage on each flight they travel on Royal Jordanian aircraft or airlines that are members of the OneWorld alliance and when using the Amali card for purchases.
  • Miles can be spent through the Jordanian monarch or one of its partners, which has been acquired with advantages offered to you by the Jordanian monarch or by traveling on the flights of the member companies of the Alliance.
  • OneWorld · Use the benefits of Mastercard Titanium to enter airport lounges in regional countries and apply Buy1Get1

For more information on the permanent passenger program
Royal Club of the Jordanian Property Company
E-mail or 5100000


  • Open a bank account at Bank of Palestine.
  • Obtain a credit limit that corresponds with the level of MasterCard Titanium.
  • Obtain a 10-digit membership number in the Frequent Flyer Program with Royal Jordanian.
  • Inform the bank about the customer's membership number.
  • Link the card with the customer's membership number at the bank.
  • Miles are calculated on all journeys made on OneWorld Alliance, taking into consideration that the alliance includes several leading airline companies around the world and provides the highest quality of services and comfort to approximately 1,000 travel destinations in over 150 countries around the world.

Get a mile in your account on the Royal Club for every dollar and a half spent on purchases from stores locally and online (e-commerce) on the card at points of sale

To search for offers, you should only download an app.
MasterCard Buy 1 Get 1

Registration through the following steps:

  • Enter email and the first eight digits of the card number
  • Key data entry for the cardholder
  • Select Card Issuing State Palestine
  • Choosing the country of destination to travel 

The lounges provide business services; Like e-mail, phones, fax machines, and meeting tables in some lounges, and free snacks as well as refreshments, you can invite guests to the VIP lounges for $27 per person.

Please visit:  www.mastercard.com/titanium