Card features

Buy and shop online and in stores locally and internationally.

Card issued instantly in bank branches and offices.

Easy and safe to use.

  • Card can be issued on all types of accounts.
  • Ability to withdraw cash from local and international ATMs.
  • Purchases are supported by the PayWave feature.
  • The card may be recharged in cash at one of our branches and offices or through the Banki application and online banking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can obtain a Cash Card by visiting the nearest Bank of Palestine branch or office and filling out the relevant application form. After your card is issued, you need to memorize the password, and you will be all set to shop and benefit from other services provided through the card

It is a procedure to protect online purchases through your bank cards issued by Bank of Palestine. When entering your card details for purchase, you will be redirected to a page.

  • The customer must inform the bank of their travel plans via the call center to ensure the card's validity and functionality.
  • Ensure that the destination country is not on the blacklist of Bank of Palestine.
  • If the destination country is blacklisted, the customer must visit the nearest branch before traveling. The card can be activated for use in the destination country at the customer's risk, and a new card will be issued upon return.

- The cost of issuing a Cash Card valid for two years or the re-issuance of a new card is USD 5.

- The commission for re-charging the card is 1.5% maximum 5 USD of the value of the prepaid amount.

- The commission for cash withdrawal outside Bank of Palestine ATM network is 2% from the transaction amount plus USD 3 as a fixed commission per transaction.

Customers may monitor their expenses and issue mini statements through online banking or through ATMs.

Customer can recharge their cards by depositing cash in ATMs or by transferring money from their bank account to their card account, or through internet banking of Banki mobile application. Cards may also be recharged from anywhere around the world using Visa Money Transfer.

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