Card features

Card issued instantly at bank branches and offices

Shop and buy locally and internationally both in stores and online.

Local and international cash withdrawal.

  • Local cash deposits at the Bank of Palestine ATM’s.
  • Select the design of your choice.
  • Monitor account and card balance using the Banke application and internet banking
  • Make purchases using the PayWave feature.
  • Issue more than one card on your account for family members.
  • Extremely safe card that uses 3D Secure.
  • All cards are subject to the bank's terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Classic Debit Card is issued instantly after opening a Current Account Saving Account at Bank of Palestine.

 Daily Transaction CeilingMonthly Transaction Ceiling

Purchases made through


Online purchases$1000$5000
ATM withdrawals$4000$31,000
ATM deposits$4000$20,000

Head to the commercial store that carries the Visa sign and buy whatever you need. Tell the cashier that you are paying by Visa and enter the security code you use for the ATM. After the payment is made, the amount will be deducted from your current account.

- Visit the online site.

- After completing your purchase, choose a payment method.

- Enter the card data, including the card number, expiration date and the CVC number printed on the back of your card, consisting of three digits (CVC2 or CVV2).

- If the site supports 3D Secure, you need to make a one-time registration on

- Enter the data based on the information requested.

- Enter a personal message that will appear during every transaction to verify your data.

- After completing the 3D Secure registration, the bank will send an SMS to the mobile number that you provided, containing a one-time-use security code for the purchase.

- Enter the security code.

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