What is Pointcom?

What is Pointcom?

Pointcom is a program that was designed to award customers for their loyalty to the bank, and encourage them to benefit from the various banking services through the points they earn when using the free electronic banking services or their bank cards when shopping locally, internationally and online. After collecting points, customers can exchange them for cash through the Banki Application, or to make purchases through the Points of Sale devices widespread in stores.

Program Features

Customers are automatically subscribed to the Pointcom program without the need to register or go to the bank.

Using the program is commission and interest free

Points are exchanged for cash or purchases

How to calculate points

100 points = 1 Shekel

Using electronic services

Using electronic services and dispensing with branch services for a whole monthThe customer obtains 500 bonus points every month on the condition that:
1- There are no withdrawals or deposits from the branch.
2- There are no transfers from within the branch (from the same account, to others, or externally within the limits in set forth by the Banki application).
3- The presence of at least 5 financial transactions during the month using the Banki application (within the quota of financial transactions).
4- The presence of at least one purchase transaction through any of the bank cards types and within the specified minimum for calculating points.
Subject to program terms and bank terms