Program Advantages

Obtain a personal loan at 100% of the value of gold collateral

The loan does not require guarantors

Declining interest rate

  • The loan is granted in USD, JOD, or ILS
  • The loan is granted to women from all sectors and segments of society.
  • Gold is mortgaged to the bank, provided that it is 18 carats or higher.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Payments are made through equal monthly installments, including interest. The first installment must be paid after 30 days from granting the loan if there is no grace period, otherwise, it shall be paid immediately after the grace period, taking into consideration that the grace period could be up to six months (interest must be paid during the grace period)

- Maximum loan amount: 15,000 USD or its equivalence in JOD or ILS

- Minimum loan amount: 1,000 USD or its equivalence in JOD or ILS

  • Documents required for opening personal accounts (if the client does not already have an account at Bank of Palestine).
  • A copy of the borrower’s ID.
  • Account statements of the last six months for all accounts at other banks.
  • Felestineya Personal Gold Loan for Women Application Form (includes Monetary Authority’s Inquiry).
  • Signed promissory by the borrower.

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