loan advantages

Funding up to 15 years

Funding up to one million dollars

Financing up to 70%

  • Comprehensive digital banking services, including online banking for instant bill payments and account transfers, a mobile banking app for quick and secure banking transactions, and a call center service.
  • Loan available in multiple currencies: USD, JOD, EUR.
  • Obtain the loan with property collateral without the need for guarantors.
  • Quick loan processing with flexible terms and guarantees.
  • Both new and existing customers can apply for the loan.
  • The bank offers advisory services and training workshops specifically designed for women to empower them in managing finances and human resources.

Conditions and Documents

  • The borrower's age must be at least 22 years.
  • Provide a property title deed for the project or investment land.
  • The project must be at least 3 years old and registered with the relevant official authorities.
  • Membership document in the relevant professional association (for professionals and artisans).
  • Valid professional licenses.
  • Certificates of experience in the project field, with a minimum of 5 years of practice in the profession or trade.

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