Everything is easy, in easier with it

Our customers, including store owners, craftsmen, small and medium-sized businesses, delivery companies, and transportation companies, benefit from our advanced and modern technology that makes smartphones running on Android 11.0 or higher, as a secure point-of-sale device, accepting payments through contactless technology, NFC technology, and QR code technology, which it will contribute to the modern and innovative way in which digital payments are received by merchants.


More ease and flexibility in receiving digital payments for purchases using cards, QR codes, or Apple Pay, payments can be received through using smart devices (mobile phones).

By digitally issuing receipts and eliminating the use of paper, our service promotes environmental sustainability, reduces costs, and provides a more eco-friendly alternative.

Enjoy the flexibility of receiving payments in multiple currencies, including shekels, dollars, and dinars.

Enjoy the flexibility of receiving payments in multiple currencies, including shekels, dollars, and dinars.

  • Our service eliminates the need for traditional machine charging or maintenance, resulting in cost savings for merchants.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by sending receipts to buyers electronically, completely free of charge. Buyers can receive their receipts via SMS and/or email, based on their preference.
  • Stay informed effortlessly with our automated daily transaction report, which is sent to the merchant's email. This comprehensive report provides a breakdown of the number and total value of daily transactions.
  • You can sell up to 70 dollars, 200 shekels, or 40 dinars without the need to enter the password, the higher payment amount requires entering the special password of the buyer's card
  • Our services encompass the seamless receipt of payments, whether they occur within brick-and-mortar stores or during the delivery process.
  • Bank of Palestine offers merchants, their partners, and their employees the option to activate multiple smart devices, enabling them to conveniently track their account payments.
  • The application is characterized by digital security and high accuracy.


Everything is easy, in easier with it

Requirements and documents to receive the service

  • Existence of a current/debit account (in two shekels and dollars) with Bank of Palestine.
  • A mobile device that supports Android 11 or above and has the NFC feature.
  • Proof of the trader's relationship with the commercial activity (municipality license or chamber of commerce, union certificate or license, certificate from the village council, or any other approved certificates).
  • Requesting the service through Bank of Palestine branches, PalPay company, or the bank's website.


  • shekel
  • US dollar
  • Jordanian dinar 
  • Card transactions are transferred within one business day to the customer's account.
  • QR transactions are instantly transferred to the merchant's PalPay wallet account.

Contact customer service at 1700150150.

  • Opening a current account
  • Signing the service application form
  • Signing a merchant agreement
  • Proof of a profession related to commercial activity

No, a current account is required, not a savings account

  • ِAll commercial sectors
  • Craftsmanship and professionalism
  • Tourist shops
  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • Supermarkets
  • clinics
  • coffee shops
  • And many sectors

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