Due to the emergency situation, Bank of Palestine grants mothers dispensation from working and takes measures to secure the safety of its customers and employees

Bank of Palestine has approved a series of guidelines and measures related to public health and safety in order to protect its employees and customers from Coronavirus and the threat of its spreading, and in compliance with the emergency situation decreed by the President, the Prime Minister and in line with the Emergency Plan issued by the Palestine Monetary Authority to secure continued and quality banking services to all customers.

One of the most important decisions concerns facilitating working conditions for mothers with children below twelve through dispensing them from work or giving them the possibility to work from home, in order to take care of their families while schools and kindergartens are closed for the week.

In addition, the Bank has made concessions for employees with chronic problems – heart conditions, diabetes, respiratory disorders, or immune-deficiency diseases – who have direct contact with customers in the workplace. Those who work outside their governorates have been reassigned to branches closer to their place of residence. For extra safety, the use of fingerprints devices for clocking in and out have been suspended.

In conformity with the decision of the Bethlehem Governorate to close all institutions until Monday evening 09/03/2020, the Bank is closing its Bethlehem branch and Bet Sahour office. It is also closing its Bet Jala office for 14 days and until Thursday evening 19/03/2020, with the proviso that all its employees remain confined to their homes during this period as a precautionary measure.

The Bank has advised all employees to refrain from handshaking fellow-employees and customers, and to practice social distancing outside working hours as a safety measure for them and for their families. 

As an extra measure, the Bank has undertaken the decontamination of its branches and office buildings and has adopted a series of cleanliness measures to secure the safety of its employees and its customers. It has also appointed a medical advisor specialized in epidemiology to provide guidance about sound practices and as a precautionary measure to secure the well-being of its employees and their families, and society at large.

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