The Ministry of Communication and Bank of Palestine inaugurate the Jeel Code (Code Generation) winter camps for youth

The Representative of the Ministry of Communication, Engineer Jamil Zagharneh, inaugurated the Code Generation winter camps for youth, which is a continuation of a series of camps that provide children with technological knowledge, expertise and skills, and the use of modern tools. The project was inaugurated in partnership between the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, with funding from Bank of Palestine, and the execution of Code Generation. It was launched in 19 Palestinian refugee camps across the West Bank and Jerusalem, in cooperation with Global Shapers, East Jerusalem hub. These projects form part of a series of social initiatives stemming from the World Economic Forum, and are implemented in 408 cities around the world. The project aims to promote awareness among Palestinian youth and prepare them for the future, by providing them the necessary technical and creative skills, in order to create a generation that is technologically aware, innovative and able to solve problems using logical thinking. It also aims to promote self-learning among these youth and provide a training of trainers at the Technology Innovation Center at the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

The winter programming camps target more than 400 girls and boys who are taught the seven basic programming skills that are compatible with the government’s vision and strategy. These skills teach children to practice logical thinking, innovate, solve problems and raise their self-confidence. The program involves several steps that include training of trainers and teachers on programming curricula, then training students to program and use the computer to become producers rather than only consumers. These camps also aim to promote the technical skills of Palestinian youth, which is the general objective of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

Dr. Isaac Sader, the Minister of Communication and Information Technology, stressed the importance of these camps, which aim to provide children with the necessary technical and creative skills in programming and information technology, in addition to promoting the concept of self-learning among them and create a new generation that is able to solve its own problems.

Mr. Rushdi Ghalayini, the General Director of Bank of Palestine, stressed that this project stems from the bank’s vision to promote technological knowledge among future generations at a time when information technology is moving at a very fast pace and is incorporated in all aspects of the daily life and practices of countries and people, especially in educational, economic and social fields, to name a few.

Engineer Hijazi Al Natsheh, the Founder of Cod Generation platform, stressed the importance of programming and the necessity to teach it to children, calling it “the language of the future, which is incorporated in all jobs and all aspects of life.” The aim behind teaching children on programming skills is to prepare them for future jobs by providing them training on the relevant basic skills.

It is important to mention that programming has become the main artery for various aspects of life in all countries. Therefore, it is important to provide our children these creative and enjoyable skills that assist them in thinking outside the box, developing a sense of curiosity and willingness to solve their own problems, as well as design their own games and develop their own websites, and eventually become self-dependent.

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