Bank of Palestine sponsors the participation of a delegation from the UNRWA school for girls in Gaza in a drama workshop held at the Hakawati Theater in Jerusalem

Bank of Palestine sponsored the participation of a delegation of 15 girls between the ages of 12 and 15 years, from the UNRWA school for girls in Gaza, in a drama workshop held at the Hakawati Theater in Jerusalem. The workshop, which forms part of the activities of the Theater Days in memory of Francois Abu Salem, was held in the presence of Mr. Fadi Zakkak, the Director of Bank of Palestine’s Dahyet Al Barid branch in Jerusalem.

In partnership with several organizations, a group of school teachers composed theater scripts that address the reality of school children in the Gaza Strip, and several personal stories about these children were transformed into a theater play that was performed for school children in English.

This is the second visit that forms part of a series of visits organized for this purpose. During the evening of the event, a group of girls presented four artistic works, which they prepared and directed with the assistance of school teachers. The performances attracted the attention of the audience, and later on, a discussion was held about the idea of developing English language in schools through theater.

Bank of Palestine’s sponsorship stems from the many and different activities implemented in the field of corporate social responsibility, and in harmony with its vision to work on developing educational and cultural tools for Palestinian youth in the fields of art, drama and acting. The bank believe that such initiative will promote Palestine’s humanitarian message to the world, build the capacities of our youth, and allow them to become part of the acting and performing arts sector.

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