In appreciation for Palestinian women, Bank of Palestine launched an awareness page called “Felestineya” on the social networking website, Facebook

Due to its vision in Palestinian women empowerment and encouragement to participate effectively in the economy and social live in its various sectors, Bank of Palestine launched an awareness page called “Felestineya”, with a goal to improve and expand the horizon of Palestinian women and raise their awareness in various social, economic and financial aspects; as women’s education and empowerment will contribute in the achievement of comprehensive development of the community, which is the best investment that can be made.

Through this page, Bank of Palestine aspires to reach all segments of women, including business owners, employees and housewives, by providing a rages of tips and guidance relevant to women’s life to create some balance between the professional life and personal concerns.

This page was created to coincide with International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day; the Bank encouraged women to join “Felestineya” page by clicking on “Like” to enter a draw on 100 Cash Cards in value of 100 dollars for each card; this initiative serves as a simple contribution to honor and recognize Palestinian women, who deserve all respect and appreciation for their great efforts for proving themselves in all fields.

The Bank’s initiative to launch this page in addition to its other activities related to women, are due to its belief that the advancement of investment opportunities and the promotion of local economic growth, in enhanced by stimulating women and allowing a greater role for women in the economic sector. This initiative also follows a thorough study that indicated that unemployment rate among women is higher than men, as in the second quarter of 2014, the unemployment rate for men was 22.8% against 39.6% for women. In addition, women’s participation in labor force is weak as it accounts for 19.4% against 71.7% for men, despite the significant educational achievement by women, as the number of female students enrolled in secondary and higher education is currently higher than males.

These indicators signify the obvious need to stimulate women towards the labor market and participation in decision making, and to seek for real appreciation for women’s contribution in national development.

“Felestineya” page seeks to help Palestinian women and support them to reach the labor market in different forms, including gender inclusion, which works to ensure equality for women in work rights and duties on the local level. The Bank itself began implementing this element by providing a comfortable work environment for working women and mothers. Throughout the years, it increased the number of female employees; by the end of year 2014, percentage of female employees reached 26%, compared to 17% in 2008. The bank aims to increase the percentage of female employees to 50% and increase the number of women in senior management positions.

In the field of economic empowerment, Bank of Palestine aspires through the development of products and services and the provision of consultations that meet Palestinian women’s needs. In addition to designing non-financial services advisory program, which is an integrated program that aims to support and advance women through financial awareness needed to manage their families’ expenses and their projects, in addition to other activities and workshops.

Bank of Palestine dedicated a large portion of its social responsibility for women empowerment and support in overcoming various difficulties in life; in addition to the enhancement of a strategy for empowering Palestinian women through various partnerships with institutions and local and international communities that work in the field of women empowerment.

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