Bank of Palestine, Welfare Association and Qatanna’s Local Council inaugurates the eighteenth recreational park for children in Jerusalem Governorate, within “Al-Bayyara Parks” project

Bank of Palestine, Welfare Association, Qatanna’s Local Council and a number of NGOs inaugurated the eighteenth recreational park under “Al-Bayyara Parks” Project, implemented by Bank of Palestine in partnership with a number of NGOs in Qatanna town, Jerusalem governorate; in the presence of Mr. Abdullah Siam, Deputy Governor of Jerusalem Governorate, Mr. Yousef Al-Faqih, President of Local Council, Mr. Hani Naser, Assistant General Manager for Bank of Palestine, Mrs. Dima Irshaid, representative from Welfare Association, in addition to a number of invitees and with participation from groups of children and popular activities in the area.

The inauguration of Qatanna Park complements the project by the Bank and its partners to establish hundreds of recreational parks for children in different areas in Palestinian governorates, to provide safe places for entertainment to our Palestinian children, and reduce the number of causalities and victims of children due to playing in populated areas, in streets and alleys on annual basis.

Mr. Abdullah Siam, Deputy Governor of Jerusalem Governorate praised “Al-Bayyara Parks” project, implemented by the Bank in partnership with the Welfare Association; he added that this type of projects within corporate social responsibility contributes in strengthening the Palestinian presence on the Palestinian land, while our land is suffering from uprooting its trees and demolition of homes; such Palestinian initiatives contribute to healing the wounds and rebuilds a piece of the damage; he praised the role played by the Bank and Welfare Association in community service and care for Palestinian Children.

Mr. Mohammad Hoshiyeh, Deputy President of Qatanna’s Local Council praised the establishment of the park in the town, indicating that the town is in need of various projects that can contribute in alleviating the suffering of the people under the occupation practices towards the town and the villages near Jerusalem, as the separation wall took over thousands of agricultural lands and surrounded it from all sides leaving no possibility for movement; he delivered the gratitude of Qatanna’s residents to Bank of Palestine, Welfare Association, Mona and Basem Hishmeh, George and Rhonda Salem, who contributed in the establishment of this park.

Mr. Hani Naser, Assistant General Manager of Bank of Palestine, confirmed that the opening of the new recreational park will support our children to have a more entertaining life and provides them with safe and appropriate location to play away from streets and dangerous areas; he indicated that this park will culminate as another contribution by the Bank under its social responsibility. Naser added that the Bank dedicates 5% of its net annual profit t o support development projects in the fields of education health, culture, art and in support of youth and women in addition to other humanitarian interventions; “Al-Bayyara” project is one of the most important development projects with sustainable benefit to our children.

Naser added that the establishment of one recreational park in a small Palestinian village will contribute to healthy upbringing of our children and will help them to think, develop and innovate, in addition to spending distinctive and fun times with friends and family, which is rarely found in our communities yet greatly needed like any other community in the world. The Bank’s initiative to create the parks became more compelling after painful accidents to many of the Palestinian children as they played in inappropriate areas; this unique contribution by the Bank aims to increase green areas and build civilized, humane and modern facilities for the Palestinian community to enjoy its services and beauty.

Mrs. Dima Irshaid from Welfare Association confirmed that “Al-Bayyara” project is within the Association’s strategy and goals for community development, particularly programs to develop facilities of institutions that provide services to all segments of society, including children in particular; she added that “Al-Bayyara” project is a distinctive national project, as those who initiated the project work to encourage various institutions and corporations from the Palestinian private sector for their contribution and partnership for further expansion on a national level; she added that the importance of “Al-Bayyara” parks lies in their ability to provide a safe place for children to play and entertain themselves outside their houses, and provide suitable place for parents to spend time with their children, in addition to strengthening community ties between families residing in the same neighborhood, and reduce the number of children casualties as a result of playing in public streets. She thanked Bank of Palestine for its essential social contribution and Qatanna’s Local Council for their collaboration in the establishment of this park, indicating the importance of establishing other parks in villages and neighborhoods of Jerusalem to preserve our Palestinian land and identity.

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