Bank of Palestine receives the award for the best Palestinian company in the field of Investors Relations for the third consecutive year from Middle East Investors Relations Society

For the third consecutive year, Bank of Palestine received the award for the best listed company in Palestine in the field of “Investors Relations” in the sixth annual Middle East Investors Relations Society Conference held late last week at Dubai International Financial Center, UAE, , under the title “Future of investors’ relations in year 2020”. The conference was attended by a large group of companies, in addition to investors, financial analysts and managers of international investment funds, and with participation from high-level delegations from various branches of the Investor Relations Society, including Palestine, Kuwait, Lebanon, Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and London.

Throughout the conference’s activities, the winners were acknowledged after revealing the name of the companies that adopted the highest standards for the care of shareholders and the development of relations with the investors. 341 Financial analysts from 137 institutions and investment funds in the Middle East, USA, UK and Europe participated in voting for the winners throughout an independent survey about investor’s relations, conducted by "Thomson Reuters Extel Survey”; the Bank won this award after fierce competition, in recognition to its leading role in promoting investment in Palestine and listed stock exchange companies and in attracting local and international investors; in addition to its adoptions of good governance standards and its effective strategy in the relations with current and potential investors, as well as the continuous transparency and affective communication with them. The award was received by the Bank’s representative, Mrs. Raya Yousef / Sbitany, Manager of Business and products Development Department.

Mr. Hashim Shawa, Chairman and General Manager of Bank of Palestine expressed his contentment for the Bank to receive this award, which confirms once again the Bank’s leading position in various fields, particularly in its care to the shareholders. He indicates that this award has a special significance, as it emphasizes the Bank’s efforts and effective role in helping the investors and shareholders to understand the Palestinian market, future sights of the Palestinian companies and Palestinian companies’ success stories through information, reports and accurate consulting.


Shawa added that receiving this award for the third time crowns the efforts made to attract investors and maintain current shareholders and provide them the needed information in transparency, in addition on expanding the Bank’s network and recognizing its growth, development and comprehensive horizons, noting the development of the financial indicators achieved by the bank, in consistency with the sustainability model adopted by the Bank.

In regards to the launch of the Bank’s webpage dedicated to help the Bank’s investors and shareholders, Shawa confirmed that the website ( was created during the past few years according to the highest international standards to provide information about main performance indicators, sustainability plans, needed financial data to assist the shareholders and provide them with the latest economic development. The Bank also contributes in providing tools to follow the Bank’s results and achievements, graphs of the stock’s current and historical performance and forms for follow-up and subscription to information mail.

In closing, Shawa thanked all the Bank’s shareholders, customers and employees whose loyalty and trust played a clear role for the Bank to receive this award.

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