The Banker international financial institution, grants Bank of Palestine the award of the “Best Bank in Palestine”, for the second year in a row

The Banker owned by the international financial institution of The Financial Times Ltd., granted the Bank of Palestine for the second year in a row, the award of “The Best Bank in Palestine” through its annual classification. The global magazine studies the financial and banking institutions in the Middle East and the entire world, analyzes their data and growth indicators, and publishes them in its magazines, various newspapers and its affiliated online sites.

The awards were acknowledged during a grand ceremony hosted by the international institution in the British capital, London; Mr. Rushdi Ghalayini, Deputy General Manager of Bank of Palestine, received the award as a representative of the Bank. The ceremony was attended by a large group of leading figures in the banking sector, in addition to managers of banks, institutions and financial funds from the Middle East and the Gulf region. The institution accounted the analysis of financial data, growth indicators, and the rapid growth achieved by the Bank in a short period, in addition to the Bank’s success story, its expansion and performance throughout the past year, as the Bank achieved net profit of around 40.5 million dollars.

Mr. Hashim Shawa, Chairman and General Manager of Bank of Palestine, indicated that the Bank made significant steps towards the implementation of the sustainability strategy, on the basis of its vision of creating a strong economy and a creative community, as its plan is based on several aspects, including social development through support to social responsibility activities in all sectors, encouragement of sustainable funding principles, support of small business and encouragement of the Palestinian women to launch productive projects that dedicates their effective contribution in the economy. Emphasizing at the same time that receiving this award, Bank of Palestine maintains its distinctive performance and its leading role in the Palestinian Banking sector.

Shawa added that Bank of Palestine will move forward in the development of banking services and tools for customers that facilitate access to the services that meet their need and save them time and effort; as the Bank recently launched a service for payments of bills for a group of companies through the online banking service, in addition to cash and check deposits through ATMs; the bank is also seeking to provide Bank Account Application for smart phones.

Shawa also expressed his pride as the international and global classification institutions and organizations continue to recognize the Palestinian financial institutions, including Bank of Palestine, expressing his contentment for this award. He explains that such excellence awards confirm the Bank’s distinctive continuation and development. It also represents a solid recognition by these institutions that Bank and the Palestinian Banking sector, have reached a high level of performance, efficiency and services provided.

Shawa added that Bank will continue advancing the level of financial and banking services and work on accommodating the new technological developments in the financial and banking field. Although the Bank provides financial banking services as a national bank, it has a global vision with its perception and strategic outlook.

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