Bank of Palestine hosts a group of youth from Palestinian Universities through “Tamayyaz” program, organized by Sharek Youth Forum

“Bank of Palestine” hosted in its General Management Head Office in Ramallah a group of youth from Palestinian Universities through “Tamayyaz” program, organized by Sharek Youth Forum, in partnership with Palestine Development and Investment, Ltd. (Padico Holding) and the International Youth Foundation, aiming to learn about the Palestinian institutions and companies that constitute the components of the national economy.  Mr. Thaer Hamayel, Director of Marketing and Public Relations Department at the Bank of Palestine met with the group, in addition to a number of unit and department’s heads.

During the meeting with the youth group, Hamayel conducted a presentation introducing the Bank’s profile since it was established in 1960; he explained the conditions it experienced over the sixty years and the challenges it overcame to continue its development, which  highlights this great success story in the light of difficult political and economic circumstances,  as the Bank was able to expand and reach all of  the countries’ directorates, villages and refugee camps with 51 branches and offices and more than 100 ATMS; in addition to the Bank’s investments in local and regional banks, and founding both PalPay, to facilitate electronic payments for services and bills, and Al-Wasata Securities Co., which operates as the Bank’s investment arm. The presentation also included an overview about the Palestinians Abroad Unit of the Marketing and Public Relation Department, which was established in order to communicate with Palestinians present outside the country and support them in returning to Palestine and invest in building projects that contributes in stimulating the country’s economy and reduce unemployment rate.  

The visiting group of Palestinian youth expressed their admiration to the Bank’s outstanding accomplishments for more than fifty years, and they were provided with answers to their questions regarding the development of the Bank, its future vision and the challenges facing the national economy in the current period.

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