Bank of Palestine Group employees contribute 500,000 Shekels to support the efforts in combatting the Corona Virus through the “Courageous Stand” fund

Bank of Palestine’s financial group, which includes Bank of Palestine, the Arab Islamic Bank, PalPay company and Al Wasata, contributed a day-worth of work to the efforts of the Palestinian government and its partners to prevent and combat the spread of the Corona Virus in Palestine.

Approximately 2,500 Bank of Palestine Group employees (from the various offices in Palestine and abroad) contributed the amount of 500,000 Shekels for the Courageous Stand fund, adding to the fund’s gross proceeds of three million Shekels, in support of governmental and relief efforts. 

This contribution stems from Bank of Palestine’s belief in corporate social responsibility and a gesture from its employees under the current circumstances confronted by the Palestinian people, from the closure of factories to the interruption of works, projects and commercial activities. The contribution, which will pour into the Courageous Stand fund, aims to support social sectors in most need and help all individuals who lost their livelihoods to encourage them to stand strong in the face of this crisis.

Bank of Palestine Group commended these efforts and stressed on continuing to serve the Palestinian people under all circumstances and play an integral part in building the nation and supporting it both socially and economically. To date, total contributions made by the bank and its network of connections reached seven million Shekels, and further efforts will be made to raise further funds to support the health and relief sectors in Palestine.

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