Bank of Palestine and Welfare Association Inaugurate 4th Children Playground in Jenin

On Monday, 13 May 2013 Bank of Palestine, in conjunction with expatriate institutions and NGOs, inaugurated the 4th recreational playground as part of the Al-Bayyara Playgrounds. The inauguration ceremony took place at the new Al-Bayyara main HQ in Jenin and was attended by Bank of Palestine Assistant General Manager Mr Hani Nasser, Welfare Association General Director Dr Tafida Al-Jarbawi and senior officials from Jenin district.

The first playground on Al-Bayyara Playgrounds Project was inaugurated in Ein Munjid Area in Ramallah, the second in Obaidiyye village in Bethlehem, and the third in Ras Karkar village west of Ramallah. The Jenin playground is the 4th playground inaugurated by Bank of Palestine under the supervision and implementation of Welfare Association in partnership and with the support of George and Ronda Salem, United Palestine Appeal (UPA) Muna and Bassem Hishmeh.

Al-Bayyara Playgrounds Project aims to increase green areas throughout Palestine and create job opportunities in the areas where playgrounds are established. In addition, recreational playgrounds are a place where people living in the same neighborhood can strengthen and build social relations.

Initiated by Bank of Palestine, Al-Bayyara Project is one of the most important national projects with the view of establishing hundreds of playgrounds for children in Palestinian cities and rural areas. The project is carried out by Bank of Palestine in partnership with a group of Palestinian not-for-profit and expat organizations (Welfare Association, ANERA, UPA Bassem and Muna Hishmeh, George and Ronda Salem). It aims to create more recreational space for children and help them get vitamin D which they need. 

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