PalPay holds a workshop for local commercial companies to present its services





In the presence of Hashim Shawa, Chairman and General Manager of Bank of Palestine (BoP) and several BoP board members and branch managers, PalPay held a workshop in Ramallah to present its POS and electronic services targeting local commercial companies that use the PalPay system. In his welcoming statement, Shawa explained that establishing PalPay in partnership with PCNC is considered to be one of BoP's biggest investments in the field of IT, given that PalPay represents BoP's vision to continue developing its services with special attention to IT, which will play an important future role in the banking sector. Shawa further stated that among BoP's recent achievements is expanding into the largest banking network in Palestine, with 48 branches and offices, increasing assets to $2 billion, deposits to $1.5 billion, and market share to a total of 22%.

Iyad Qumsiyeh, General Manager of PalPay, gave a presentation about the company's electronic system with a special focus on the collection service. He pointed that the system is available on the points of sale (POS) network spread throughout the country, and can be used by goods distribution companies and supermarkets in particular, thus saving the collection fee and allowing staff to increase their productivity by focusing on sales. Qumsiyeh further pointed to some of PalPay's special features, which replace the insecure, manual collection system with a more secure electronic collection system. A short video showed how the system works in a secure and easy-to-use way, and that one of PalPay's strengths is its ability to quickly and easily expand everywhere in Palestine. PalPay is also ready to provide surveillance systems, different reports, maintenance, training, and daily technical support from 8:00-22:00. 

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