Bank of Palestine in cooperation with the Welfare Association launched a humanitarian campaign to support children and healthcare in Gaza





December, 16, 2012: Bank of Palestine (BoP) represented by Chairman and General Manager Mr. Hashim Shawa and the Welfare Association represented by Director General Dr. Tafida Jarbawi signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to launch a humanitarian campaign to support children and healthcare in Gaza.

As part of this campaign, BoP has contributed the amount of USD 500,000, which will in no doubt encourage institutions as well as individuals to donate. Mr. Shawa stated that the need for this campaign came out as a result of a study that revealed the lack of basic needs in the health sector in Gaza especially after the last Israeli attack in November 2012 and the consequences it had on civilians.

Mr. Shawa urged everyone to take part in this campaign and donate, in order to provide main hospitals with medical supplies and medicine, kidney dialysis units , and infant incubators and ventilators. As part of this campaign, BoP has already supplied Al-Shifa hospital with a shipment of needed medical supplies immediately after the war.

Mr. Shawa further stated that BoP has doubled its contribution to the “Mustaqbali – My Future” programme, which is managed by the Welfare Association, to reach USD 190,000 this year alone. The programme is designed to improve the lives of orphans. The 22-year-project is designed to adopt all children who were orphaned after the last war on Gaza in 2008/2009. It includes giving relief aid within a framework that focuses on long term development in terms of education, health, and professional development for the children and youngsters. . Earlier this year, BoP in cooperation with CHF International rehabilitated 40 houses that were damaged during the 2008/2009 war on Gaza.

Dr. Jarbawi called upon supporters and believers in the Palestinian cause, to immediately help cover the basic essential needs, contributing to the perseverance and livelihood of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

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