Bank of Palestine celebrates opening its new office in Durah

BoP celebrated on Thursday 5th July 2007 the opening of its office in Durah, Hebron.


Governor of Durah, Mustafa Al Rjub participated in the opening ceremony along with Mr. Ali Ferwan, representative of Palestinian Monetary Authority, and Mr. Muhammad Herbawi, business man and chairman of BoP, and Mr. Hashim Shawa, General Manager of BoP. And a large number of business People and Bankers were present.


BoP confirmed the importance of opening a new branch in Durah in order to provide more banking services and facilities for its clients.


In his speech , Mr.Hashim, said that Bop’s biggest concern is to provide banking services for all the Palestinian categories and that what pushed him to open this new branch.


At the same time, he pointed to the effective role that BoP is playing in the Palestine national economy stating that Bop stands as number one in branch network, and referred to the several services that are presented by the bank to it’s clients.


Then he mentioned that the value assets in the first half of his year reached USD 655 Million, deposits USD 580 Million, as for the facilities at the same period were USD 261 Million.


Then Mr .Shawa clarified that BoP has the Quality Recognition Award for foreign bank transfers in the Middle East despite the economic embargo that is forced on the Palestinian people and the occupation’s attempts to disrupt the role of our financial institutions in reviving the national economy by preventing funds and donates iterance to the Palestinian territories.

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