Bank of Palestine relaunches the Pointcom program with new features for customers

Ramallah, 23/8/2021. Bank of Palestine relaunched the Pointcom program with its new features to encourage customers to benefit from free electronic services and use their credit cards and cash cards for local, international and online shopping.

Pointcom aims to provide points to customers when they use the free electronic banking services, including the various bank cards, while conduction their local, international and online shopping. Based on the program, every 100 points are worth 1 Shekel, and customers may collect at least 2,000 points and exchange them for cash through the Banki application, or make purchases through the Points of Sale that are widespread across the Palestinian governorates.

Customers are automatically enrolled in the program when they open an account, obtain a cash card, or use online or mobile banking, without the need to go personally to the bank. Customers are also able to inquire about the points collected through the online banking service or through the Banki mobile application.

Mr. Thaer Hamayel, the Head of Retail Banking at Bank of Palestine, expressed his enthusiasm about the relaunch of Pointcom with its new features, which stresses the bank’s keenness to facilitate the demands of its customers and respond to all their banking and financial needs and expectations through the promotion of free electronic financial services.

Hamayel added that the program was especially designed to encourage customers to use online banking services without the need to head personally to the bank, and to use credit and cash cards while shopping at the various stores and shops, and this in turn saves them time, money and effort.

One of the features added to the program is for the benefit of customers who succeed in using online banking services for a whole month, whereby they earn a monthly award of 500 points, provided that they do not make any withdrawals, deposits or transfers at one of the bank branches or in person, and that they make at least one purchase using any of their bank cards, within the minimum ceiling for accumulating points, and conduct at least five financial transactions per month using the Banking application.

In is worth mentioning that Pointcom is the first program of its kind at the level of Palestinian banks. It was launched by Bank of Palestine to award customers and encourage the culture of using various electronic banking services and credit cards while shopping.

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