Bank of Palestine and Ommar El Ard Company sign a cooperation agreement for the preservation of the environment, as part of “Palestine is beautiful” initiative

As part of its commitment to adopting environmental sustainability standards, Bank of Palestine and Ommar El Ard company for recycling and environmental services signed an agreement to recycle waste paper in the bank’s headquarters Building - Ain Misbah in Ramallah, as part of the “Palestine is Beautiful” initiative launched by the Bank to promote its strategy for implementing environmentally friendly practices.


Bank of Palestine began implementing the agreement starting from the bank’s headquarters in Ramallah, where employees began to dispose of paper by destroying them in paper shredders, and in turn, Ommar El Ard collects bags containing paper scraps, recycles them and makes them suitable for other beneficial uses.


Mr. Mahmoud Al Shawa, the General Manager of Bank of Palestine, expressed his enthusiasm about this partnership with Ommar El Ard Company, stressing the bank’s determination to follow environmental practices in implementing its vision towards achieving social and environmental sustainability, in addition to its pioneering role in developing banking services in Palestine. Al Shawa explained that these practices will be promoted in subsequent stages in all bank branches and offices across the country.


Al Shawa added that the Bank launched the “Palestine is Beautiful” initiative to stress its vision and awareness about the importance of preserving the Palestinian environment by implementing various activities and events, in order to preserve the sustainability of the country’s natural resources and the cleanliness of the environment for the benefit of future generations in Palestine.


Mr. Hussam Al Taweel, the General Manager of Ommar El Ard Company, welcomed this partnership, which positively affects the environmental culture approach, which we always seek to reach through the participation of both the governmental and private sectors in spreading the culture of waste separation in favor of recycling. The company seeks to implement a practical culture of waste separation by collecting recyclable materials and reducing waste that is sent to landfills, in the interest of preserving and recycling the environment.


Al Taweel also added that changing the environmental culture stems from each individual taking the initiative from their end. Al Taweel valued the efforts of Bank of Palestine to launch this initiative, which is consistent with his company’s environmental vision, in the hope that it would produce environmental awareness among the largest possible number of citizens, with an aim to separate all waste and invest it in the interest of developing the country and preserving the environment.

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