In celebration of the 60th anniversary since their establishment, Bank of Palestine and Akram Sbitany and Sons Company launch the 60-month installments campaign for Easy Life cardholders

Bank of Palestine, in partnership with Akram Sbitany and Sons Company, launched a special campaign to celebrate the 60th anniversary since their establishment. The campaign allows new and existing Easy Life users to make up to 60 months installments on their purchases, commission and interest-free, when they make purchases in the amount of 6,000 Shekels and up, using their Easy Life card at any of the Sbitany outlets and branches widespread in Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.


The campaign, which will last for 60 days, covers a package of devices available at Akram Sbitany and Sons Company branches in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, providing wide options for Easy Life users to meet their various needs.


In order to benefit all Easy Life cardholders, the campaign provides various installment options for campaign users when purchasing from Akram Sbitany & Sons Company at lower prices.


Mr. Thaer Hamayel, The Director of Retail Banking Services and Branches, stressed that the campaign is a celebration with Bank of Palestine’s Easy Life cardholders, and a form of acknowledgment of their trust in the Bank’s services and products. “We wish to celebrate this occasion with our customers and present them with this special and distinctive campaign in appreciation of their loyalty and trust in their first Palestinian bank over the past years,” stated Hamayel. “Bank of Palestine places customer satisfaction at the forefront of its agenda and provides banking products that meet the needs and aspirations of its customers, keeping pace with current lifestyles and demands” he added.


The Bank also assists its customers in planning and organizing their financial obligations through the various installment options provided through cash and debit cards, taking into account the different circumstances and needs of the various social segments and categories.


Mr. Omar Sbitany, the Deputy General Manager of Akram Sbitany and Sons Company, stated that “such offers and campaigns with the company’s strategic partner, Bank of Palestine, are one of the ways for alleviating the burdens of Palestinian citizens, especially since the company’s branches and marketers are widespread in our beloved country.” “The most important aspect we aim for is customer satisfaction and continuously working with reputable institutions for the benefit of our dear customers,” added Sbitany.


According to Sbitany, “this will neither be the first nor the last campaign, and both partner companies pledge to launch more campaigns and offers on the occasion of the 60 year anniversary.”


In order to benefit all Easy Life customers, cardholders can now take advantage of the current installment options of 12, 24 ,36 or 48 months, on their purchases of less than 6,000 ILS from Akram Sbitany and Sons.

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