Stemming from its continuous efforts to develop the sports sector in Palestine, Bank of Palestine extends its sponsorship to support the Palestinian Athletics Federation

Bank of Palestine signed a cooperation and partnership agreement with the Palestinian Athletics Federation in order to support and develop the activities of the Federation, in addition to qualifying players, coaches and administrators at the highest levels. The agreement was signed between Mr. Mahmoud Al Shawa, the General Manager of Bank of Palestine, and Dr. Mazen Al-Khatib, representative of the Palestinian Athletics Federation.

Based on this agreement, Bank of Palestine will meet the needs of the federation by providing the necessary support for the various events and activities implemented, especially in terms of training its players and coaches to hone their skills and develop their various abilities physically and in practice.

Al Shawa expressed his happiness and pride in signing the partnership agreement with the Athletics Federation, stressing that this sponsorship stems from the bank’s keenness to support and sponsor sports clubs and federations and their various activities throughout the country in general, and the Athletics Federation in particular. According to Al Shawa, “such initiatives stem from Bank of Palestine’s vision and commitment to support sports and youth in Palestine,” stressing the importance of directing the energies of youth towards sports, in order to build and develop their physical capabilities.”

“At Bank of Palestine, our social responsibility requires us to pay attention to the Palestinian sports sector, harness all available capabilities to develop it, and explore and highlight Palestinian talents and refine them, so that we can overcome all the challenges facing sports and enable young athletes to place Palestine’s name on the map of local and international sports.”

Dr. Mazen Al Khatib thanked Bank of Palestine for responding to the Federation’s call for sponsorship, adding that the bank has played an exceptional and distinctive role in supporting various vital sectors, especially federations, clubs and various sports activities at the national level. “We hope that this support and cooperation between the Bank and the Federation will continue, and that more events and activities will be implemented, enabling the Federation to carry out its responsibilities towards local sports clubs and teams to represent Palestine in local, Arab and international forums.”

It is important to mention that Bank of Palestine allocates 5% of its annual profits to support community initiatives, stemming from its vision to support society by effectively contributing to achieving sustainable community development. The Bank directs its support to various sectors, and allocates part of this support for the empowerment and advancement of the sports sector.

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