Bank of Palestine signs an agreement with the Ramallah Municipality to implement the environmental awareness project for the academic year 2021-2022

Bank of Palestine signed a partnership and cooperation agreement with the Ramallah Municipality to support the environmental awareness project for schools, in the city of Ramallah for the 2021/2022 academic school year, as part of the healthy and environmentally friendly schools program, with an aim to create sustainable projects that promote the concept of health and environmental awareness in the community and refine environmental values and behaviors among students. The agreement was signed in the presence of Mr. Mahmoud Al Shawa, the General Manager of the Bank, and Engineer Musa Hadid, Mayor of Ramallah, at the headquarters of the General Administration of Bank of Palestine in the Ain Misbah area in Ramallah.

The agreement stipulates the commitment of Bank of Palestine to contribute to supporting the various activities and events implemented by the Ramallah Municipality, within the program of healthy and environmentally friendly schools, especially in the field of health awareness, in order to contribute to spreading environmental awareness among school students, and to achieve a modern city that is organized and economically and environmentally developed.

Al Shawa expressed his happiness and pride for signing this agreement and contributing to sponsoring the environmental awareness project for schools in the city of Ramallah, stressing that this project comes in line with the sustainability goals set by the Bank within its vision to preserve and protect the environment from the causes of pollution. Al Shawa praised the efforts of the Ramallah Municipality and its officials in developing the city of Ramallah in keeping pace with modern developments and improving the various services it provides to its citizens, in addition to embracing such valuable initiatives concerning the health of society, including future generations.

“Our partnership with the Ramallah Municipality is manifested in instilling various environmental and health values and concepts in the younger generations and investing in them, in order to preserve environmental resources as a way of life to protect them from pollution and depletion through awareness projects in the fields of health and the environment,” stated Al Shawa. “Both the government and private sectors and civil society institutions should provide the necessary support to stand up to the environmental and health challenges facing us in order to preserve and protect the environment,” he added.

Hadid stated that the importance of this project lies in the strong relationship that brought together Bank of Palestine and Ramallah Municipality in forming a real partnership in this project and other projects over many years, including environmental awareness projects that target school students, implemented by the municipality in cooperation with the Ministry of Education.

Hadid concluded that “this year, the environmental awareness program for schools, in agreement with Bank of Palestine, will take another form and substance, in order to delve into the reasons that cause harm to health and the environment on the one hand, and to change the behavior of society to address them in this context.”

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