Bank of Palestine celebrates the opening of its 53rd office in Hebron University to join its wide network of branches present in Palestinian governorates

On Monday 23/02/2015, Bank of Palestine celebrated the opening of its new office in Hebron University, located in city center; a special celebration was held in the presence of Mr. Hashim Shawa, Bank of Palestine’s Chairman and General Manager, Dr. Daoud Al Za'tari, Mayor of Hebron Municipality, Dr. Nabil Al Ja'bari, University’s Chairman, Dr. Ahmad Al Atawneh, University President, Mr. Nidal Al Ja’bari, Governor’s Advisor for Economic Affairs, Mr. Mohammed Nafeth Hirbawi, member in Bank of Palestine's Board of Directors, Mr. Hani Salah, Bank's Assistant General Manager, in addition to a number of the University’s faculty and staff members, with participation of university students and representatives of official institutions and the private sector.

With the opening of its new office in Hebron University, the number of Bank of Palestine’s branches becomes 53 branches and offices located across the country, equipped with comprehensive financial and banking services to reach the public and the customers with high quality and distinctive performance. 

In his opening speech during the ceremony, which was held in the University’s activities’ hall, Mr. Hashim Shawa welcomed the attendance and expressed his contentment in this occasion and his pride to have the Bank present on the campus of Hebron University, which is considered a distinct university on the national level. He indicated that the number of branches in the governorate reached to seven branches and more than twenty five ATMs.

Shawa revealed the Bank's plan to open another seven branches in various Palestinian areas, for the Bank to maintain its first place on the national level to own the largest banking network in Palestine, with 53 branches and offices and more than 120 ATMs present in all governorates of Palestine. He adds that this confirms the Bank's commitment to continue building and investing in Palestine and deliver its banking services to the customers wherever they are present.

Shawa also listed a group of reasons that enhanced the Bank's various services and programs which contributed to the development of the Palestinian banking sector, most importantly the establishment of a special unit to support small, medium and micro small enterprises, due to their effective role in the advancement of our Palestinian economy and the creation of new employment opportunities dedicated to recent university graduates. He adds that Bank of Palestine is the second largest employer to recent graduates in Palestine, as it employed more than 700 graduates during the past five years. In addition to providing various services dedicated to university students and premium services and programs for staff of the Palestinian universities, in addition to services for the students who need special programs to complete their university education and develop their academic and practical skills and provide them with opportunities to closely view the reality of the Palestinian banking sector.


In regards to the social responsibility programs adopted by the Bank, Shawa indicated that the Bank contributed, along with its local partners including businessmen and  institutions from the private sector, to establish the Palestinian Innovation Fund, which is considered an essential program to sport leading and innovative youth with creative ideas, with a capital f 10 million dollars to invest in youth entrepreneurship projects to support their productivity to employ recent graduates and those unemployed, as these projects integrate with youths' capacities and ideas. Shawa also indicated to the Bank's efforts to enhance the partnership with the faculty members to benefit from "Zamaleh" academic program implemented by the Bank along with the university, in which the program provides fellowships for university professors and lecturers to conduct academic visits outside the country and bring back the gained expertise for the benefit their university students; the Bank dedicated 2 million dollars to support this program in more than 13 Palestinian universities; number  of beneficiaries from this program exceeded 80 university lecturers in two years.

Daoud Al Za'tari commended the efforts made by Bank of Palestine to stimulate the Palestinian economy and its social contributions in various fields, indicating that the Palestinian economy is passing through difficult times and is in need for the unity of all institutions and private sector to overcome these difficulties. Al Za'tari added that Bank of Palestine is a leading and proactive institution in development work, directing his invitation to the youth to encourage them on diligent work and self-reliance and to build small businesses that will gradually grow to enhance the economic growth and create employment opportunities.

Dr. Ahmad Al Atawneh, President of Hebron University, welcomed the attendance and the presence of Bank of Palestine in the university. He praised the Bank's journey for more than 55 years in serving the Palestinian economy; Al Atawneh indicated that the university has always worked to help the students in need, and that there are many students are in need for the contributions of national institutions in order to complete their university education. He added that Hebron University helps more than 40% of the university students in paying their university fees.

Mr. Nidal Al Ja’bari, Governor’s Advisor for Economic Affairs, thanked the efforts made by national institutions in order to advance their services, and congratulated the University and the Bank on the opening of the new branch.

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